In a Field of Sunflowers

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If you know my daughter at all you know she always likes to make those nutty poses, But that is what makes her so special.  To be honest she is exactly like my side of the family, we just love being goofy.  

I was driving and found this waterway filled with sunflowers and I couldn't get home fast enough to let Olivia know about it.  I then told my husband he has to plant them in some of our waterways next year because it is just breathtaking to look at.  I look at how breathtaking this is and then how much more  beautiful Heaven will be when I finally arrive at my eternal home.  

Needless to say I told Olivia we need to go and she was like, well ok.  She didn't seem nearly as excited as me.  So a couple of days later I drove her past the flowers and she was like, "Oh my gosh, we have to do it!"  She was just as excited as me.


For me as a mom, it is just hard to imagine that my baby girl will be graduating this upcoming May.  It seems like yesterday I was holding her in a baby papoose carrier as I hustled around and tried to chase her twin 2 year old brothers to wrestle into car seats so we could go pick up their 4 year old brother, Seth, who was needing picked up from preschool.  If that wasn't a challenge enough to get them into the van within the locked garage, try unloading them and walking into the preschool to get him.  I had to put the twins on leashes just to get Seth.  Who needed weight watchers back then, I was exhausted by lunch time!  Olivia, I was thankful was a pretty easy baby, she never had issues as long as she was connected to my hip.

Seventeen years later, I am looking into her face and amazed at what a wonderful woman she has turned out to be.  Now, she is far from innocent, I know a swear word has came out of those pretty lips more than I would like to accept and she has probably done things crazy kids do, but guilt usually gives over when she does something she shouldn't and she comes to me and tells me what she did or didn't do that she should have!

 I give all the credit to her faith.  Jesus Christ is a huge factor in her life, and I know at times it has not been easy.  Friends would invite her to go and do things and she just wouldn't go because she knows their may be things that go on that she wants to not take part in.   Her values mean something to her, but it comes with a price.  Christ never said it would be easy but He would never leave her.  I know in the end she will grow up with respecting herself and knowing that peer pressure is something she would not fall into.  

As her year quickly flashes past me and and I watch her graduate, I know that me and her daddy did good.  We showed her God's love for her by keeping our family involved in church and talking of him freely in our home.  We loved her, hugged her, always told her we love her.  I even still sing her the song on how very much I love her.  I would sing it for you now, but I know it would embarrass her.  As she ends this chapter of her life and venture into her next, which I believe will be at USI (thankfully she has an amazing Aunt Carrie down there to watch over her) and regardless of my helicopter mother momentum I know that she has everything she needs to succeed, Jesus Christ.


So this is my senior momma blog.  If you are interested in having your child's senior photos taken please feel free to call me or text me at 765-720-5628, or email me at or find me on Facebook at  






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