Hello, my name is Becki Arnold and I am a wife and mother of four. I have been married for 25 years and have four children. A camera came into my life when I was 16 by my dad, yet I just didn't do a lot with it until my son was born and my husband bought me a Canon Rebel film camera.

In 2003 I was asked to photograph a wedding on Christmas Eve after our church's candlelight service.  I was a nervous wreck to say the least.  All I took photos of was my kids and activities.  Well the power went out right before our service was to start due to bad weather.  Freaking out was my whole body, how am I going to photograph in the dark?  Thankfully we still used real candles so after the service and the wedding took place we have 250 candles lighting the ceremony.  I survived and the photos turned out pretty good for my first time.  From there I was hooked, I started photographing weddings, seniors, children and then newborn.  Over the years I have been trying to figure out what path I am supposed to follow.  I am a christian and I believe in the power of prayer.  I was never really given an answer but I think that is because God was teaching me in all areas of photography and to trust in myself before I could really use my gift.  

My gift?  Well I honestly feel it is in E-Commerce and my new line of photography I am starting "His Hands at Work".  E-Commerece you ask why?  I love working with products but I am limited with my space in my basement so I would love to find a job where I can put my talent to use for a company who will appreciate my hard work and my sense of humor!  Life is about fun, as we never know when our time here on earth will end and I feel laughter makes us live longer so bring on the laughter!  

"His Hands at Work"  Where did I come up with that name?  Prayer, prayer, and prayer.  Then I looked at my photos I have been taking for my personal hobby and seen that in almost every image you can see God's Hands at Work in them.  The landscape, in the animals he created, even in us humans as He is the one who made us.  I want to also do something good with this site.  I am going to donate a portion of my proceeds to go to charities, various ones.  I love the Humane Shelters because I am a total Dog Lover.  If you see my Facebook it is covered with my Gracie and Addy.  I also love organizations that help others.  So that is what I would like to do in my spare time you know after my job with an amazing E-Commerece Company!  


I still will be offering my services for weddings because they truly light up my weekends during the year.  I will be limiting them but I just can not give them up.


Please check out my Facebook pageL
https://www.facebook.com/BeckiArnoldPhotography or feel free to call or text me at 765-720-5628 or email me at www.beckiarnoldphotography@yahoo.com

God Bless,

Becki Arnold